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Denver, NC is often mistaken for the city it shares a name with in Colorado.

And while it’s not a capital city, it still has plenty to offer, but perhaps in a more quiet peaceful way than it’s more raucous counterpart. One of the best parts about the Riverwalk Homes is that it holds a centralized location in regard to many nearby towns and cities. It’s close approximation to Charlotte means that fun and excitement is never too far away. While it’s closeness to more low key, and relaxed townships means that if you’re just looking for a laid back weekend, it’s easy to reach, too. Luckily, Denver, NC is an excellent town for finding comfort, home-town feelings, even if you’re away from your current home town. It’s the perfect place to take a deep breath, especially if you’re spending most of your time in the city working and playing. Learn more about why Denver, NC is such a special destination near the Riverwalk Apartments.

Close to Nature

Lake Norman continues to be one of the highlights of the area. Denver is stationed on the West side of the lake, where plenty of visitor activities are easily accessible. Whether you like boating, swimming, or other activities, the 500 miles of shoreline offers plenty of recreational opportunities. Indeed, there’s also options for private cruises around the lake and cycle boating if you’re just looking for a different low key adventure on the water. There’s rentable kayaks, paddleboards and canoes that make traversing and enjoying the area real easy and enjoyable. There’s even places to stay overnight with 32 campgrounds that have kitchen facilities on-site. There are restrooms, outdoor fire pits and beautiful pieces of the lake that you’re sure to enjoy. It makes for a close-by and easy get away that can help you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere when you’re still just less than an hour away from bustling busy Charlotte.

Plus, once you’ve got your feel of the perfect natural areas to enjoy, you can wander into one of the many small townships surrounding the lake. With 500 miles of shoreline, there are more than enough eateries, breweries and comfortable bars that you can findshelter in when you’ve had your fill of sun and fun.

Plus, Denver, NC and the surrounding area is only a couple hours away from the beach. So if you’re looking to smell the salt air, feel the sand beneath your toes and ponder the wide blue stretches of ocean, that’s not too far away either!

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Great Schools

One of the things that growing communities cannot live without is a good school system. If you have kids, or you’re thinking of having kids soon, Denver and the surrounding areas are the perfect place to put down roots thanks to our impressive school systems that help our small town flourish. We’re small, so we only have six schools, but every single one of them is a top-tier institution. If you’re worried about sending your child to a school where they won’t get the attention and tutoring they need, Denver’s school system is perfect for your needs. Unlike other places in the nation where 30 kids to one teacher is far from unusual, our school district sports an average of 15 pupils per teacher. That leaves plenty of room for your child to be noticed, cared for and treated as an individual in the classroom with individual needs. Our rich library system ensures that you and your children will have access to the resources and literature you need to be constantly learning and loving it.

Plus, our small town vibes make for the perfect schooling environment. We’re proud that here in Denver, it’s easy to know folks. It’s easy to build long-lasting relationships with your community from your toddler years and into your maturity. It acts as an excellent backbone to their upbringing as children need stability when growing up and our small, yet capable community provides just that.


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Small Town Vibes

If you’re looking for a break from the big city vibes, Denver can act as the perfect escape. It’s proximity to the lake and it’s homey feelings make it feel like a good, calm Southern community that has kindness, compassion and friendliness to offer any passerby or those enjoying the views of Lake Norman. It’s not really built as a tourist attraction, so it maintains a quiet and relaxed feeling that’s perfect for taking a breather and reflecting on your thoughts. Here at Riverwalk Apartments, we love Denver for it’s unique vibe. It’s a growing suburb, but it never pretends to be anything other than what it is: a traditional American community, complete with picket fences and ready smiles at every corner.

If you’re looking for a relaxing place that you can belong, then a regular trip into Denver will be the perfect thing for you. You can get to know the locals at the diners, enjoy the growing culture, and immerse yourself in a sense of close-knit community that is hard to find these days.

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If you’re looking for that perfect inbetween point, where you can easily find peace outside the city without giving up your nightlife and any social excitement, then the RIverwalk Apartments are perfect for you. We’re in a centralized area that’s extremely close to Lake Norman and only a short drive away from Huntersville, Charlotte and Denver. With all three very different communities close at hand, you’ll be able to try everything each has to offer and immerse yourself in the community that suits you best. Whether you enjoy hipster accomodations in Huntersville, big city ambitions in Charlotte, or small town peace in Denver, we offer it all within an easy driving distance.

At Riverwalk Apartments, you can carve yourself out a place to call home in any of the areas you love best. Explore our floor plans today to get a better idea of the on-campus living situation and schedule a tour to start experiencing everything our complex has to offer.


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