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Riverwalk Apartments provides a centralized location for those working in or those who enjoy the cities around our beautiful campus.

One of those cities is Huntersville, and living in such an accessible spot means that you’ll be able to access everything that community has to offer without having to factor in a large commute time. Riverwalk Apartments is located just off of several major highways making it incredibly easy to commute into the bigger cities or the smaller towns in the area with ease for entertainment or work. We believe living so close to Huntersville will dramatically improve your lifestyle because of all it has to offer. Learn more now.

The Benefit of Community Close By

First thing you’ll notice about Huntersville is that they’re a big town with the heart of a small town. There’s a distinctly welcoming and warm feeling in Huntersville because they believe in creating a sense of community in the area. You’ll find in Huntersville that you often run into people you recognize, especially since there are so many opportunities to meet new people. Because of the various community events they run, it’s a great place for singles or people who have just relocated to start to find a new support system and become a part of a community. It provides an excellent opportunity to find a community nearby where you can access support, entertainment and so much more.


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Job  Opportunities

One of the many reasons that Huntersville has such a rich community is because most people who live three have a good job. It’s a lot easier to find a job there than it is in most cities and that benefits every single citizen by improving the quality of life for everyone. Huntsville boasts more than 16,000 job openings, and there are more than 26,000 in nearby Charlotte. You’ll be able to easily job hunt for the best opportunity for you and find new opportunities on the horizon when the time comes. Additionally, our median salary to home value ratio is one of the best in the nation. That means you won’t just be able to land a great job, you’ll find a great house to settle into when the time comes or decide to keep your apartment for a more metropolitan and convenient type of living arrangement. Whatever you determine is the best step for your lifestyle, you’ll have plenty of raw cash to pursue your dreams with a good paying job and a reasonable cost of living. 

Plus, your job is unlikely to be common. Huntsville plays host to a variety of interesting and exciting companies like Nascar. Lowes Corporate is only a few miles north of us and we have many award winning schools in the area for your children or for continued education opportunities. 


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Huntsville Takes Food Seriously

Here in North Carolina, we have standards for our cooking. We like food and we want to enjoy our time when we’re eating. We’ve accomplished that by supporting the very best restaurants and bars in the area. Indeed, we have a culture that’s focused on good food. You’ll be able to enjoy Mickey & Mooch for high-quality steaks and a unique dining experience every time you step in. Viva Chicken features tasty charcoal chicken in the authentic Peru style. The restaurant features premium chefs and has been catering to our community since 2013. We also have a taphouse with a wide selection of premium beer that’s the perfect place to catch any game you’re hoping to watch with your pals. Birkdale Village is a local shopping and entertainment hotspot that also hosts a wide selection of great food options for anyone looking for a great way to spend a night out on the town.


Craft Beer

Like many places across the US, Huntsville has started to try it’s hand at a few small breweries. They’ve added so much to the culture of the town just by providing a creative product that everyone can enjoy. Indeed, Huntsville has become a staple for the North Carolina craft beer scene. We have local specialty beer shops and local breweries that make for a great day of brewery hoping and trying the newest craft beer. Whether you like IPAs, sours, or stouts, there will be something just for you around town.

Become a Part of the Community At Riverwalk Apartments

Riverwalk Apartments offers a centralized location so that you can take advantage of what the many different small towns and the Denver area have to offer. Each area provides work and culture for the people who move into the area in their own unique way. Start crafting the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of in any one or all of our favorite neighborhoods in the surrounding area. Start the application process today.


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