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Charlotte is a historic city in North Carolina that has so much to offer prospective residents, As one of the most rapidly growing cities in all of NC, it provides a character that is unmatched anywhere else and is defined by innovation. We think that, while Charlotte is still growing, it still provides a small town flair while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of living in a city. Riverwalk Apartments is only a short drive away from several major towns and cities, Charlotte being one of them. That’s why we believe it’s our duty to show you the gems that you can access in Charlotte by living so close at the luxurious Riverwalk Apartments. Check out the major benefits below.

Plenty of Jobs

The one thing that can make a city boom is a job economy that can actually support the population. In Charlotte, jobs are booming. Indeed, in the last 10 years, Charlotte has become a large financial hub, the second largest to be specific, with New York City being the first. However, if you don’t work in finance, there’s still plenty of opportunity for you. There are several Fortune 500 companies that are nesting in the area on top of the healthy financial district. With all that opportunity, the city has managed to be ranked number two in the whole U.S. in terms of potential economic growth and is also one of the hottest places for start-up companies at the moment. Since it’s growth has been predicted to continue into the future, it’s smart to get settled into the community now so that it’s easier to build a life and place for yourself in the ever-growing and expanding city. If you’re looking for a new job, or if you’re looking for a new and exciting place to live nearby, Charlotte is the place to be.

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Here in NC, we have the advantage of having beautiful weather most of the year. Amateur and experienced gardeners, sun tanners and outdoors people love the area for the constant sunshine, reasonable temperatures and moist, nourishing air. Because we love the outside so much, it makes sense that we’d want companions to enjoy it with. For that reason, Charlotte has become one of the most pet-friendly cities in the area. If you have a cute pooch to bring around with you while you absorb the local color, awesome food and natural beauty, you won’t be turned away. More than 150 Charlotte restaurants allows dogs on their patios and almost all of the local breweries do as well. You’ll barely ever have to leave your fur baby at home by themselves when you can enjoy the sunshine and culture together.

There are currently three dog bars throughout the city that are designed specifically to be enjoyed by puppies and their owners out on the town. Plus, there are 6 off-the-leash dog parks that you can go and enjoy together and plenty of natural space to explore when you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the inner city areas.

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Food & Beverage

Like most places in the South, we value good food and good dink highly. That’s why Charlotte is bursting at the seams with new foodie restaurants and exciting new cuisines types. We take pride in the fact that we’re a city of foodies and we love new restaurants and new cuisines being introduced to the area. As a major part of our entertainment industry, there will always be a new spot to go try for date night and there are also plenty of casual but delicious family-geared restaurants that are on the more affordable side of things. You won’t ever have to go to just one spot to enjoy a certain type of cuisine as you’ll always have access to plenty of variety.

Plus, our brewery scene is booming. With dozens of breweries popping up around town and in a variety of different neighborhoods, you’ll never be left wanting for some new beer to try. Small batch liquors and cocktail bars are also a staple of our area’s culture, so you’ll have plenty to do when going out and looking for some new drinks to try and spots to see.

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If you’re looking to get a perfect sampler plate of every major cultural spot in the area, the Riverwalk Apartments is the best place to start! With local sports teams, tons of outdoor activities and local color in plenty from the surrounding towns and cities that are all just a short drive away, you’ll find yourself always occupied. Find the best place to rest, rejuvenate and get back out there to explore all the possibilities in our area at the Riverwalk Apartments. We’ve designed our units to be places that you can call home, where you can rest with loads of available conveniences that are there simply to make your life easier.

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