A woman rests and swims in a pool.

If there is one thing that most people daydream about in the summer, it is a warm sunny day at the pool. If you are lucky enough to be a resident, here at the Riverwalk Apartment Homes, that daydream can be a reality — being that we have an amazing outdoor saltwater swimming pool and all.

But the swimming pool is for more than simply jumping in to escape the summer heat. It is also a place where you are supposed to be able to kick back, relax, and even have a little bit of fun. And what better way is there to have fun than to play a couple of pool games with your friends and neighbors?

In today’s blog, your local provider of apartments in Denver, NC, the Riverwalk Apartment Homes, will be discussing 10 of our favorite pool games.

Disclaimer: Be Respectful

While the idea of playing a pool game is rather exciting, it is important to remember that the salt water pool in our apartment complex is for all residents — and that being said, it is important to make sure that your games do not affect others that are trying to use the pool. In order to be respectful to other people in the pool or on the pool deck, consider keeping noise and splashing to a minimum. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to ask others that are at the pool if they mind if you play a game. Regardless of what you do, do it in such a way that everyone can enjoy the community space.

5 Fun Pool Games

If you are an adult it can seem a little bit silly to play pool games, but we are sure that as soon as you start to play a game that you will begin to feel a wave of nostalgia — or maybe it will just be a wave created by someone else’s cannonball. Regardless, we hope that you enjoy some of the following games that we are going to discuss in today’s blog!

Beach Ball Race

Sure, you may have raced your friends in the pool before, but have you ever done so while pushing a beach ball? While it might seem simple, the beach ball makes it incredibly hard to make forward progress, as not only do you have to worry about swimming, but you also have to worry about controlling the ball as it erratically moves through the pool. Trust us when we say that the difficulty of this race might surprise you.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is one of the pool game staples of childhood. There is something fun about trying to quietly swim past and dodge someone covering their eyes while you also have to periodically give them a hint of your location.

While most people might think that PMarco Polo is a game for children, we beg to differ. In fact, we implore you to try this game with your friends and see just how fun that it can still be. Our only advice is to make sure that others in the pool are okay with you playing, or waiting for a time where the pool is empty to play.

Sharks & Minnows

Another childhood favorite game that most people haven’t played in years is Sharks and Minnows. In fact, Sharks and Minnows might be one of our favorites because it combines adrenaline, fear, and cardiovascular exercise.

To play, one person must start as a shark in the middle of the pool while the minnows (everyone else) stands on the edge. The objective: get past the shark! As the shark starts “catching” minnows (by tagging them as they swim by) the tagged participants will become sharks. Last minnow swimming wins!

Chicken Fights

Need we say more? No, we don’t. Just be careful and be mindful of others in the pool.

Well, for those of you that are not familiar with Chicken Fights, they are a fun partner game that is best played in the shallows. Simply find a partner and a pair to play against, put your partner on your shoulders (or climb on theirs) and try to knock the other team over! Only the winning team gets to keep their dry hair!

Air Ball

Air Ball is as simple as it sounds. Gather a group of friends, throw up a ball, and do your best to work as a team and keep the ball from hitting the water. While Air Ball might seem like a relatively simple game, the resistance caused by the water will keep you from being able to get to the ball as quickly as you need to — so be sure to practice your accuracy.

Spend Your Summer At Our Denver, NC Apartment’s Pool

If you are a resident of our Denver, NC apartments, then you have full access to a stunning saltwater pool. So be sure to use it!

We hope the above pool games piqued your interest enough for you to give them a try next time you are craving a little bit of fun in the sun, and we hope that you take full advantage of all of our amazing community amenities.

If you have any questions about the pool hours or rules, please don’t hesitate to swing by our office, check the signage inside of the pool area, or contact us today.

Have fun this summer and be sure to let us know how the games go!

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