1. Getting to Know Your Utilities in Denver, North Carolina

    Are you looking at apartments in Denver, NC? If so, it is more than likely that you have spent some time researching the total costs that you will have to spend each month — trying to decide where you can afford to live and if you will need roommates to share the burden of rent and utilities.  If…Read More

  2. An Insider Guide To Boating On Lake Norman: Part Two

    As you might remember in our last blog post, where we discussed our favorite ways to get out on Lake Norman, that we are extremely happy with the location of our Denver apartments — and we think that you might like the location too.  Being located near both Lake Norman and Charlotte, North Caroli…Read More

  3. An Insider Guide To Boating On Lake Norman: Part One

    At the Riverwalk Apartments Homes, we truly believe that we are located in one of the greatest areas in North Carolina. Sure, our residents get to enjoy quick access to Charlotte without having to live in the big city and world-class amenities that can make it hard to leave home, but if there is one…Read More

  4. 5 Must-Have Furniture & Decor Pieces For Your Denver, NC Apartment

    Moving into a new apartment is an exciting time. For some, it is the new area, the awesome community amenities, and the mystery and curiosity that comes with moving to a new city. For others, however, it is the opportunity to decorate and make their new living space their own. When it comes to decor…Read More

  5. Basic Apartment Maintenance Tips For Tenants

    As a tenant of an apartment in Denver, NC — or anywhere, for that matter — there are responsibilities that are inherently agreed to when you sign your lease. And of course, the responsibilities that we are speaking of refers to you keeping the apartment in good condition. Sure, it might seem as …Read More

  6. Summer Activities That you Can Do To Beat The Heat

    Like most cities in North Carolina, Denver can get incredibly hot during the summer. While hot summer days are welcomed by most, it is impossible to go day-to-day exposing yourself to the brutal outdoor temperatures and sunlight. In order to avoid sunburn and heat exhaustion, most people stay inside…Read More

  7. 5 Fun Summer Games That You Can Play At Our Denver Apartment Pool

    If there is one thing that most people daydream about in the summer, it is a warm sunny day at the pool. If you are lucky enough to be a resident, here at the Riverwalk Apartment Homes, that daydream can be a reality — being that we have an amazing outdoor saltwater swimming pool and all. But the …Read More

  8. Tips for First Time Renters In Denver, NC Apartments

    Moving into an apartment is known by many as a major stepping stone in life. For some, it is their first home away from their parents. For others, it could be their first home that they don’t have to share with roommates. Regardless of the size of the step, it should be celebrated. That being said…Read More

  9. 5 Ways To Make Your Apartment A Relaxing Safe Haven

    Do you remember when you were a kid and the hardest things that you had to do were simple chores? Well, we don’t. As you age, you accumulate a long list of exhausting responsibilities — and we hate to say it, it only seems to grow with each year. Because of all of the responsibilities and obliga…Read More