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Moving into a new apartment is an exciting time. For some, it is the new area, the awesome community amenities, and the mystery and curiosity that comes with moving to a new city. For others, however, it is the opportunity to decorate and make their new living space their own.

When it comes to decorating your apartment or buying new furniture for your apartment, there are a couple of considerations that you should make. For one, if you have never lived in an apartment before, it is important to look at the space before you begin buying furniture and decorations — after all, you want to be sure that your things can fit comfortably. For others, they are well aware of the apartment size and knowingly need to downsize their furniture and decoration. 

Regardless of your situation — moving guru or first-time mover — we thought that we might provide you with some space-saving tips by talking about a few of our favorite furniture and decorations that complement our apartments in Denver, NC.

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Get A “Couch” That Fits

So you are moving out of the college-town home that you used to live in with five other people. The six-piece sectional sofa is yours, so naturally you will find a way to use it in your new Denver, NC apartment, right? 

Wrong. While it might seem like a fun idea to have your living room consist of 80% comfy couch and 20% carpet floor, you will run out of space really fast. Instead, consider getting yourself a nice, practical loveseat. Consider this one from IKEA. Not only is it chic and comfortable, but it also is called the “KLIPPAN” which means “rock” or “crag” in Swedish. And we think that is pretty neat too. 

Get Nesting End Tables

When you are buying furniture for your apartment, it is important to do so while keeping space in mind. So when you are out buying end tables and a coffee table, refrain from buying the bulky three-piece oak set that will become an immovable object for you to stub your toes on. Instead, consider getting nesting end tables to maximize your usable space. 

Nesting end tables allow for you to essentially triple the amount of tablespace that you have in an instant (most nesting tables come in threes). Check out some of our favorite, beautiful nesting end tables on Wayfair

Artificial Flower Or Plant Decoration

Everyone has heard at some point in their lives that having plants in your home is good for you. Sure, they have some air-enhancing qualities, but for the most part, it is a psychological stimulus. That being said, some people do not have a “green thumb,” meaning that they don’t have the ability to care for any plant without killing it.

If you don’t have the capacity to keep a plant alive but still want to reap the aesthetic and psychological benefits of having plants in your apartment, we urge you to consider purchasing an artificial plant. Target has a pretty great selection of tabletop and potted artificial plants

Hang Some Patio Or Balcony Lights

If you live in one of our apartments in Denver, NC, we urge you to consider exploring the idea of hanging lighting in your outdoor space — whether it be a patio or balcony. Since you are renting your apartment, you might think “I seem to remember something in the lease that said something about avoiding hanging things and causing damage.” And you are right to think so!

Rather than damaging the walls by hanging the lights with nails, using 3M’s outdoor line of sticky hanging wall hooks. You can find outdoor lights at any outdoor store or Pottery Barn.

Get A Rolling Beverage Cart

One of the best ways to top off your apartment with a valuable piece of furniture is to get a beverage cart. And no, you don’t have to use it exclusively for beverages. Instead, you can use it as a mobile table, a little library stand, or even a mobile desk for when you want to work on your computer from the couch.  

Rolling beverage carts can be found at a variety of different stores, but one of our favorites is this one from Home Depot. It is wooden with a hardwood veneer cover — so it is incredibly stable and resistant to scuffs and damage. 

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