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Do you remember when you were a kid and the hardest things that you had to do were simple chores? Well, we don’t. As you age, you accumulate a long list of exhausting responsibilities — and we hate to say it, it only seems to grow with each year.

Because of all of the responsibilities and obligations that you have as an adult, it can be easy to get stressed. And when you are stressed all of the time, it can be easy to become overwhelmed — looking for an escape from reality.  Luckily, with a little work, your escape from reality can be your Denver, North Carolina apartment.

In today’s blog post we’ll be discussing five of our favorite tips that can be used to make your apartment feel more relaxing! Because, hey — you deserve a little rest and recovery!

Keep It Clean

While adding “clean the apartment” to your already long to-do list might seem a little counterintuitive, cleaning can actually make your apartment much more relaxing — after you are done cleaning it, that is. Keeping a clean home is a great way to cultivate a relaxing environment because when your home is less cluttered, so is your mind.

Consider finding creative storage solutions for all of your clutter and minimalist decorations to avoid creating a cluttered space!

Create A Workspace

Do you ever work from home? Do you ever have to focus when you are paying your bills? If so, you likely do so at your dining room table. While yes, the table is a great space for getting some work done, you should not use it for work if at all possible. But why? Well, when you work in your living space you might start to associate your living space with work.

Rather than beginning to associate your living space (where you are meant to relax, not work) it is important to designate a workspace in your apartment. Our favorite option is a desk in your bedroom. By working at the desk instead of your table, couch, or bed, you can avoid associating your living space with anything other than relaxation. Additionally, designating a workspace will allow you to avoid making a mess all over the rest of the apartment.

Adjust The Light

When people think of candles, they tend to think about relaxation. But why? Is it the sweet smells that they emit? Or is it the little flickering flame that softly dances on the wick? At the Riverwalk Apartment homes, we think that it is the soft light of the flame.

Soft light is a valuable asset in cultivating a relaxing environment. Most light that is emitted from lightbulbs are bright and harsh — often times giving people headaches. Soft light, however, is extremely calming, as it provides you with adequate light without causing eye strain.

Bring The Outdoors In

It has been concluded by countless studies that trees, plants, open spaces, and pretty much the entire outdoors are proven to have a positive effect on peoples’ moods. In fact, one Dutch study found that hospital patients that had even a single indoor plant in their rooms reported significantly lower stress levels than those who did not. And we believe that having plants in your apartment might have the same effect.

There are a number of houseplants that you might consider having in your apartment. If you are a diligent person and believe that you could water your plants frequently, we suggest that you get a larger house plant. If you are not very good at remembering to water your plants, consider getting a succulent or cactus!

Make A Cozy Corner

If there is one way to make an apartment relaxing, it is to create a cozy space — and no, it doesn’t have to be a corner. A cozy corner is essentially any space (although corners of the room are best) where you can sit down and completely immerse yourself in comfort.

For some, the best way to create a cozy corner is to buy a plush oversized bean bag chair and place it in the corner adorned with a fuzzy blanket. For others, they simply just need a comfortable blanket and pillows to pair with their already comfortable furniture.   

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