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Currently, we are in the middle of the holiday season, meaning that people of different faiths, and those who do not celebrate the holidays, are all thinking about different things. That being said, there is one thing that people of all beliefs are all thinking about — the new year.

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, there are a couple things that happen every year. First, everyone stays up late to watch the ball drop with their friends, and second, everyone wakes up in the morning thinking of what their New Year’s resolution might be. While New Year’s resolutions are a great way to practice self-improvement, seldom do people actually hold themselves accountable to them for more than a couple weeks. But is it because they are weak-willed?  At the Riverwalk Apartment homes, we don’t think so!

Join us, your trusted provider of apartments for rent in Denver, NC, as we discuss the true issue with New Year’s resolutions — choosing the right one.

Picking Your New Year’s Resolution

Have you ever chosen a New Year’s resolution and found that by February you had already fallen off track? Most people have, but not because most people are weak-willed or lack self-discipline — it is because they chose the wrong resolution. Some resolutions are simply unattainable. In fact, when most people decide what their annual resolution will be, they usually drastically overstep their ability to fulfill it. For example, if you just got out of college last semester and live in an apartment for rent in Denver, buying your first home probably will not be an attainable goal. Instead, you should create a resolution that is more attainable — yet still helps you work towards self-improvement.

Below, we have made a list of some considerations that you should make while sitting in your Denver apartment thinking of a quality New Year’s resolution.

Choosing The Best Resolution

In 1981 the journal known as the Management Review established an acronym that we believe to be incredibly valuable in choosing a great resolution. S.M.A.R.T, standing for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound, is an excellent tool to consider when choosing your resolution. But how? Let your provider of apartments for rent in Denver explain!


When making your New Year’s resolution, you should be absolutely clear in what you want to achieve. Instead of saying “I want to save money this year,” say “I want to save $10,000 this year.” Why? Well, if you do not set a concrete goal for yourself, who is to say that you won’t feel content that you have completed your resolution after saving just $500. When you set a specific goal you provide yourself with a goal that you can hold yourself accountable to reach.


While similar to making your resolution specific, it is also important to make it measurable. As we just mentioned, setting a goal to save money is measurable, as is making the goal to lose weight. That being said, it is important to make other resolutions measurable as well. For example, if you pick your cuticles, it is important that you take a photo that you can use to benchmark or measure your progress. It is also important to utilize tools to measure your progress. Whether you use a tracking app on your phone, or have a tracking journal in your Denver, NC apartment, having a measurement log can even further help you to hold yourself accountable.


Of the acronym S.M.A.R.T, achievable is the most obvious consideration to make when considering what resolution to choose, after all, nobody benefits from setting themselves up for failure. That being said, don’t make your goal so low that it is easily attained — instead set it so that you have to work hard to get it, but have a good chance of doing so.


Arguably the most important consideration to make when choosing a New Year’s resolution is its relevance to your life. After all, what do you stand to gain from a goal that is not relevant to your personal self-improvement? Choosing a relevant goal can help to keep you engaged throughout the year as you try to attain it.


We know that we are just the place you came to when you were looking for apartments for rent in Denver, but we are going to go ahead and make this last consideration easy for you — you have 365 days to reach your goal. When you are trying to better yourself, in any way, it is important to have a timeline that you can use to hold yourself accountable — and we just happen to think that one year is an acceptable timeline for most goals.

Whatever Your Resolution Is, We Support You!

Whether you are a resident of the Riverwalk Apartment Homes or a future resident, we wish you the best of luck with your New Year’s resolution, and we hope that today’s blog post provided you with some insight as to choose the perfect resolution! Stop by our office today to learn more about our apartments for rent in Denver, NC, as well as the tools we have that might be able to help you reach your goal (gym, pool, walking paths, etc.). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we wish you a happy New Year’s Eve!

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