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While Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year when friends and family get together to eat and spend time together, a lot of the festivity responsibilities tend to fall on one person — the host. Now, regardless of whether or not you are hosting a party of 15 people or five people, playing the role of a host can be rather overwhelming. In an effort to make things a little bit easier for you this Thanksgiving season, your local provider of apartments for rent in Denver, NC, the Riverwalk Apartment Homes and Riverwalk II Apartment Homes, thought it would be fitting for us to provide you with a list of our favorite tips and tricks for making hosting Thanksgiving easier. Enjoy!

Keep It Simple

Unless you are convinced that you have some sort of cooking skill that could challenge Bobby Flay’s, we strongly suggest that you keep the menu simple. Stick to the basics like turkey, yams, green beans, cranberry sauce, and stuffing — all of which that have recipes that are easily searchable online. Why do we suggest that you keep it simple? Well, the general rule of thumb is that when you have more complex things to cook, there is a higher chance of something going wrong. So instead of making creme brulee, panna cotta, or tiramisu for dessert, consider the simplicity and tradition of a pumpkin pie instead.

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Do You Really Want To Cut Down On Cooking? Go Potluck!

If you are really interested in making things simple for yourself, consider making your Thanksgiving event a potluck. Potlucks are an excellent way to not only cut down on the amount of cooking that you personally have to do, but they can also allow for others to become involved — putting their own personal flair on each dish.

Set Everything Up The Night Before

If you are looking forward to a stress-free Thanksgiving, it is extremely important that you set everything out the night before so that on the day of Thanksgiving all you have to worry about is cooking. Set the table with placemats, silverware, plates, and napkins, set up the bar where people can make drinks, and move around your living space to be in the most comfortable format for hosting. Upon doing so, you can wake up the morning of Thanksgiving and preheat the oven while you make yourself a pot of coffee and relax.

Figure Out Parking In Advance

Now, this tip really only pertains to people that live in Denver, NC apartments, but in some instances where homes have limited parking, this tip could apply to you.

Picture this, everyone finishes cleaning up their plates on the evening of Thanksgiving. Grandpa leans back in the recliner, everyone else litters the couch, floor, and any other place they can find available seating, and everyone slips off into the post-meal food coma. Sounds pretty nice right? Until someone gets up to leave only to realize that their car has been towed.

If you live in any of the apartments for rent in Denver, we strongly suggest that you visit the front office of your complex to discuss parking permits and guest passes before having your friends or family park in the lot for an extended period of time. Additionally, if you live in a home with limited parking, be sure to check with the city to see if your visitors are allowed to park on the street.

Use A Cooler As A Condiment Station

If you have ever lived in studio apartments, two-bedroom apartments, or three-bedroom apartments, you likely already know that regardless of how large the kitchen is, three or more people can make it feel jam-packed. Because the refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave are all in a centralized location, there will always be people looking to get something done in the kitchen at the most inconvenient of times. What is a solution to this? Consider taking one of the things out of the kitchen.

By placing a cooler on a countertop and filling it with commonly sought after condiments, you can divert the traffic away from your kitchen, making it easier for you to focus on cooking and spending time with your friends and family.

Expect Things To Go Wrong

Regardless of how well you prepare for your Thanksgiving festivities, they seldom run smoothly. Someone is bound to drop something, something is bound to take longer to cook than others, and some family member always seems to cause trouble with another.

By approaching Thanksgiving thinking that something is bound to happen, you can be better prepared for when something does.

The RiverWalk Apartment Homes Wishes You A Happy Thanksgiving!

At the Riverwalk Apartment Homes and the Riverwalk II Apartment Homes, we wish you, your family, and your friends a happy Thanksgiving! We hope that today’s blog post has helped you begin to plan for your Thanksgiving festivities. We do our best to facilitate all hosts among our apartments for rent in Denver, NC — so if you have any questions in regard to hosting Thanksgiving in your apartment this year, please don’t hesitate to come to ask us for help.

Contact us today for more information or check out our apartments for rent in Denver, NC at the Riverwalk and Riverwalk II.

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