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Hurricane Florence recently tore through the southeastern seaboard in September with wind speeds reaching as high as 137 miles per hour — and if the wind didn’t do the damage, the flooding did. As a result of the storm, hundreds of thousands of people are out of their homes, trying to salvage whatever than can from the lives that they will never know again.

While here in Denver, North Carolina we caught some of the storms as well, we did not experience nearly any of the hardships that others in our state and neighboring states have had. That being said, we believe that our close-knit community can get together and make a difference to our neighbors to the east.  

In today’s blog post, your local apartments for rent in Denver, NC, the Riverwalk Apartment Homes, will be discussing a few of the ways that you can help with the Hurricane Florence relief efforts.


GoFundMe has taken it upon themselves to set up a page that aggregates all of the campaigns that were created to help those that have been affected by the devastating blow of Hurricane Florence. Some campaigns have been created by community members, and others have been created by organizations!

Operation BBQ Relief

While most organizations are more fluid in deciding how to use the donations that they receive, Operation BBQ Relief is the organization to donate to if you want to know exactly what your money is going towards. Providing food to affected areas once the areas have been deemed safe is the name of the game, and Operation BBQ Relief is on the forefront of it.

International Medical Corps

The International Medical Corps is a global nonprofit that provides specialized healthcare to those that have been affected by natural disaster. With medical relief being one of the most important aids to provide after a disaster, the International Medical Corps is an excellent organization to donate to.  

You might be wondering, “Can I donate something besides money?”

While it can seem risky to donate money, not knowing where it will go, or what it will go towards, we strongly suggest that you do. The reason that relief organizations ask for money rather than goods is that they can gauge the situation and purchase whatever goods seem necessary to provide aid to others.

Treating Those In Need The Way Denver Community Members Treat Each Other

As members of the Denver, North Carolina community ourselves, we understand how well our community creates and supports each other. That being said coastal communities in our very own state are having trouble helping each other, and instead need help form communities like ours.

If you have any questions about how you can donate to causes that are providing aid to those in need, we urge you to reach out to one of the above organization or search for an organization of your choosing to make a donation to.

The Riverwalk Apartment Homes is happy to be a part of this community and to be able to provide apartments for rent in Denver, NC. If you are in need of a one bedroom, two bedroom, or three bedroom apartment in Denver, we urge you to contact us and schedule a viewing of one of our apartments.  

We hope to see you soon.

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