A young girl hugs a cat to her.

Pets are wonderful. They are soft and cuddly, they love you unconditionally, and they almost guarantee that your life will be more exciting. That said, owning a pet is a huge commitment — and the responsibilities involved with owning a pet should not be taken lightly. 

The first responsibility when it comes to owning a pet is your responsibility to take care of it. Whether it’s a cat, dog, fish, lizard, or even an ant farm, you bought or adopted the pet with the intention of taking care of it. The second responsibility that you will have as a pet owner is the responsibility of your pet’s actions. For example, if your dog goes to the restroom in the Bark Park, it is your responsibility to pick it up. If your pet leaves scratch marks on the floor or window sills of your new apartment, this too is your responsibility.  

At the Riverwalk Apartment Homes, we love pets — and that is why we allow our tenants to own certain pets while living in our Denver, North Carolina apartments. That said, there are some guidelines and responsibilities that you’ll have to comply with as the owner of a pet in our community. To learn more about applying to live in our community with your pet, contact our front office today. To learn more about how to live with pets in an apartment once you have been approved, continue reading today’s blog. 

Pet Personality

When you are beginning to look at apartments for rent in Denver, NC, it is important to consider your pet’s personality. Apartments are almost always going to be smaller than living spaces like single-family homes, so it is important for you to consider your pet’s personality and how it would work with a smaller living space. 

In most cases, a cat will not have an issue with an apartment being it’s primary living space — regardless of personality. Dogs, however, are not so simple. Some dogs, particularly larger dogs, have mellow personalities that might make it easier for them to stay cooped up for hours at a time. Smaller, more energetic dogs, however, might have an issue being confined to a smaller space for multiple hours a day. 

Establish Routines

As a pet owner, one of the most important things that you can do is to establish routines with your pet. Again, cats are a little bit of an outlier, because they don’t need to be let outside to use the bathroom or need to be fed at a certain time of day. Dogs, however, usually require quite a bit of routine setting. 

If you work from home, you might have the luxury of getting your dog out at almost any time. That said, most people do not have that luxury — instead of forgoing their lunch breaks to let their pet out each day.  

By establishing feeding routines and bathroom break routines, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your dog is not eagerly awaiting your return for a bathroom break or a scoop of food. If you live alone, establishing a routine will likely involve feeding your furry friend before and after work, as well as letting them out before work, during your lunch break, and after work. That said, if you have roommates or live with a partner, you will likely have much more flexibility in your routine planning. 

Exercise Often

If you want your pet to remain cool, calm, and collected in your Denver apartment, then you absolutely have to make time to give them exercise. In doing so, you can almost ensure that they will spend more time napping and less time destroying your apartment and belongings. 

For cats, consider buying some fun toys to keep them active around the apartment both while your home and when you are away. For dogs, consider taking them with your on your daily jog or taking them to the Riverwalk Apartment Homes Bark Park after work so that they can blow off some steam chasing other dogs around. 

Live On The First Floor

When looking for a new apartment in Denver, North Carolina, be sure to limit your search to first-floor apartments if you have a larger dog. If a dog is large enough, it can make enough noise walking around to disturb the tenants beneath you — making a first-floor apartment ideal. 

In addition to choosing a first-floor apartment for the sake of your neighbors, doing so will also allow you to spend less time letting your dog out. When living on higher floors, letting the dog out might involve a trip down the elevator or stairs. When you live on the first floor you can simply walk out your back door. 

For Cats, Minimize The Risk of Damage

When you have a dog, the worst that it might be able to do is knock over floor level items or steal something off of the kitchen counter. For cats, however, the ceiling is the limit. Cats are naturally curious and tend to explore every nook and cranny of their living space. Because of this, it is important to consider what you are putting on top of high shelves and cabinets at the risk of your cat knocking items off of them. 

For Pet-Friendly Apartments, Think the Riverwalk Apartment Homes!

If you are looking for a pet-friendly apartment in Denver, North Carolina, we urge you to come visit us at the Riverwalk Apartment Homes. Contact our front office today to learn more about our pet requirements and the application process