Making an apartment feel like a place you belong can, for some folks, feel like a daunting task. Regardless of how many things you own, how much furniture there is to fill the empty space with and what decor vibe you’re shooting for, making a comfortable, homey space can be difficult. But don’t worry, Riverwalk Apartments is here to help you start to pull your apartment together so that it can be the place of peace and sanctuary you need as a busy individual who’s enjoying the Fort Collins lifestyle. 

We’ve collected a selection of tips and tricks to help you bring your apartment together in a way that promotes a feeling of safety and makes you proud to show your friends and family the space you’ve built into a home. We know just how crucial this can be, especially if you just moved to the area, or if this is your first apartment that you’ve been in on your own. Here’s how you start to make your space into a home you can enjoy. 

Moving In? Unpack One Room at a Time

Having a messy, unorganized space makes it harder for your mind to feel at ease. The first step to making your apartment feel like home is room by room. After all, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. However, making your apartment feel like a home space isn’t going to be the equivalent of eating a whole elephant. You just need to start small, with one room that you can get under control easier than the others. We like to recommend starting with your bedroom. It’s where you’re going to sleep while you finish moving in, which means it needs to be a peaceful, relaxing room that you can find solace in. Set up your bed first, slap your favorite sheets on your mattress and put up some photographs, your reading lamp and a night table. Even if you can’t put the whole room together the way you’d like, this will be a big step toward making your apartment feel more like your home, rather than a place you’re living in. 

Stay Sentimental

Now that you’ve got all of your rooms the way you’d like them in terms of furniture placement, it’s time to turn your eye toward personalization. We recommend finding the things you’re most sentimental about and incorporating those right away in your decor. Have some old photo album you love, plop them in the living room where you can reach them easily and you catch a glimpse every time you walk by. Grab that painting you picked up from Grandma’s house and put in front and center in your entryway. The things and items that you associate with your past and your family are a big part of you and what you’ve always known as being your home. So don’t neglect to highlight those pieces prominently, they’ll make the entire space feel more like you. 

Use Scent To Your Advantage

Struggling to make your space feel homey, even with all your personal touches? Smell is one of the most powerful memory triggers and it’s responsible for the way you feel about certain parts of your past and certain places you’ve been. Have a favorite candle that you always used to light up? Does your mom have a specific type of potpourri that you love? Put it in your apartment and start making the space smell like you and your home. Dogs and cats go out of their way to leave their scents where they roam, it provides a sense of comfort and belonging, so why not give yourself the same advantage? 

Invite Over Some Friends

Having an old friend over to enjoy your space with you cna make a huge difference in helping your new space feel just like home. Hanging out with your friends who are a big part of your character and a part of your past associations with home will help your current space feel more welcoming. Besides, everything’s better with friends. After a small get together with your best pal, you’ll start to feel more at ease in your space. 

Define Your Style

It’s easy to have things, it’s hard to have things that share a common design principle. However, eclectic design is a style of home decor. If you’re wanting to take this move to start honing your home decor style, start now. Browse Pinterest a little and find some ideas that you love, head out, grab a few pieces of art, a small table or another small decor purchase to help you move a little closer to your own decor ideas. Treating your space like a living project that needs to be worked on and perfected will help make it feel like it’s all your own.