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If you have lived in the Denver, North Carolina area for a while you might know a thing or two about Lake Norman. If you are new to the area, however, you might not know anything about our local attraction. In an effort to familiarize you with the large body of water just west of town, we thought that we might provide you with some background information and some fun facts about Lake Norman.

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Lake Norman: Geography

At the Riverwalk Apartment Homes we believe that our apartments for rent in Denver, NC are in the perfect location. And it is the geography of the area that makes us think so.

Lake Norman is a wonderful resource for our region both economically and ecologically. The lake is fed by the Catawba River and drains into Mountain Island Lake to the south. Lake Norman is also one of the largest lakes in the entire state of North Carolina island is known by some as the “North Carolina Sea.” But how big is it really?

Lake Norman is 50 square miles large and features an impressive 520 miles of coastline due to its many inlets and bays. Because of its size and shape, the lake offers an abundance of different outdoor recreation opportunities.

Lake Norman: A Brief History

Lake Norman, named after the former president of Duke Power Norman Atwater Cocke, was created when the Catawba River was dammed in 1963. However, long before the river was dammed, the Catawba Tribe found the area to be just as bountiful as we find it to be today.

The river was dammed by Duke Energy to help build the modern infrastructure of the state using hydroelectric power. While Lake Norman is a symbol of industrial growth, the area still celebrates the cultural legacy of the Catawba people — although the Catawba Tribe was inevitably displaced by the project.

Lake Norman Ecology

One of the most beneficial aspects of Lake Norman to the region is its ecological diversity. The Piedmont region of North Carolina, where our apartments for rent in Denver and Lake Norman are found, is known for its diversity of birds, fish, mammals, and plants. Of the flora and fauna that benefit from Lake Norman, it is no surprise that fish and other aquatic species benefit the most. With healthy populations of upwards of 15 fish species, Lake Norman’s ecological benefit creates demand for a number of recreational activities like fishing.

Lake Norman Recreation

All of the economic and ecological impacts of Lake Norman to the region has made somewhat of the perfect storm for outdoor recreation. When the lake was first dammed by Duke Power Company, economic growth drew people to the region. Once the lake had established itself ecologically, even more people followed.

Providing outdoor recreation opportunities ranging from hunting and fishing to hiking to boating and more, the area has become quite the hotspot for outdoor enthusiasts. In fact, residents of our apartment for rent in Denver get to experience outdoor recreation firsthand on a daily basis — being that the lake is just minutes from our apartment community and all.

Come Experience What Lake Norman Has To Offer Today!

As residents of the Lake Norman area ourselves, we might be a little biased when we say that it is a huge benefit to our region. That being said, others must agree — because they keep moving here.

If you have not visited Lake Norman, we strongly suggest it. In fact, when you are here you should come to visit us at the Riverwalk Apartments Homes. Our apartments near lake norman are the perfect place to call home -base while you go out and explore the area. For more information on our apartments for rent in Denver, we urge you to contact us today or swing by to schedule a walkthrough. We look forward to seeing you at our apartment community soon!

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