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At the Riverwalk Apartment Homes we have seen a lot of our tenants go, leaving to move to other cities and pursue other dreams, but as often as our wonderful tenants move on, we have more of you coming — moving into our wonderful community of apartments for rent in Denver, NC.

Because of the large number of new tenants that we see from time to time, we thought it fit to discuss a few of our favorite move-in tips that can make the moving process easier for you! Continue to read below for some ways to optimize your move-in to your new apartments near Lake Norman!

Move In At A Different Time Than Your Roommates

Arguably the best advice that we can give you leading up to your move-in date is that you should at all costs avoid moving into your new Denver, NC apartment at a different time than your roommates. You might be thinking “But if we move in as a group we can all help each other move in!”, and while we see the allure in that tactic, we can promise that it is not as good of an idea as you might think it is.

When you move in at the same time as your roommates you might have more help, but there is limited space for a group of people to move around in  — especially when you consider that you might be carrying large items. Additionally, when you move in separate from your roommates, you will have a better opportunity to put items in the common living spaces while you set up your personal space, allowing for you to set your bedroom up without the risk of an avalanche of boxes burying you. Now, we aren’t saying that you and your new roommates shouldn’t help each other! We are just saying that maybe you should focus on moving in one person’s belongings in at a time.

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Be Mindful Of What Items You Move, And When You Move Them

Our next tip for moving into our Denver, NC apartments is that you should be mindful of the order of boxes that you move. When you unload your moving truck or your trailer outside, we strongly suggest that you organize small piles of boxes in order of what room they will belong in inside of your new apartments in Denver.

Once you have organized the boxes, by room, you can begin to move the boxes into your new apartment! When you move the boxes, we suggest that the first pile that you move into your new home be the pile that belongs in the farthest room from the front door. If your bedroom is in the back corner of the apartment, moving your box in first will ensure that you do not have to dodge countless piles of boxes as you try and navigate to the back room. Once you have done so, move your belongings to the second farthest room, and so on.

Ask Your Provider Of Apartments For Rent In Denver, NC For Help

At the Riverwalk Apartment Homes, we are extremely happy that you chose to become a part of our community. We also know that regardless of if you are moving into one of our studio apartments, two bedroom apartments, or three bedroom apartments, that you have a long day of moving ahead of you — but we are here to help. While we cannot help you throughout your whole moving process, we can help you if there is something that you cannot carry yourself — at the least, we can try, that is.

If you have any questions about moving into our apartments for rent in Denver, NC, we urge you to contact us today! Are you interested in becoming a part of our community? Apply online today!

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