A view of a wide, comfortable suburb.

During the last decade, there has been a huge population shift in suburban areas. Families, young professionals, and other city-dwellers are packing up their belongings and moving farther from the city center in search of their own little piece of suburbia. But why have people been moving to the suburbs in greater numbers?

At the Riverwalk Apartment Homes, we understand why people are moving towards the suburbs of major cities. After all, most residents of our apartments for rent in Denver, North Carolina have moved from the city themselves. But what factors contribute to people wanting to leave the city?

Why Denver, North Carolina?

People often seek out our apartments in Denver, NC shortly after they have moved from a larger city. In most cases, our residents have moved to Denver after leaving their previous residences in Charlotte. While Charlotte is not one of the largest cities in the country, it is the largest in North Carolina — and it’s growing fast. 

Denver has become a popular location for families and individuals leaving Charlotte because it is far enough away from the big city to live comfortably while also being close enough to the city that they can keep their jobs. When you live at the Riverwalk Apartment Homes, you can live comfortably in the suburbs while being only 25 miles north of your downtown office. 

Common Reasons People Move to the Suburbs

While we are rather familiar with some of the reasons that people are driven to move to the suburbs — as one of the many apartments in Denver that people choose to move to — we do not know all of the reasons. — that said, we are familiar with the most common reasons. Continue reading to learn more!

Cost of Living

One could argue that the most common reason that people move to the suburbs is that the cost of living is much more manageable outside of city limits. Within city limits, there is a large population and a small amount of living space available. Because of the high demand for living space, property values and rental costs skyrocket — and when property costs rise, so does the cost of consumer goods and local services.

When the cost of living within city limits are raised, people opt to look for housing elsewhere. Luckily, they usually don’t usually have to look far. For example, our apartments in Denver are just 25 miles north of Charlotte, yet they rent for cheaper than most similar apartments inside of city limits. 

Better Schools

As a parent, you always want what is best for your child. You feed them healthy foods, make sure that they do their homework, and you research everything that could have a lasting impact on them thoroughly. That said, what will have more of an impact on your child than the quality of the school they attend. 

Why are suburban schools generally better than schools closer to large cities? In most suburban areas residents make more money or are able to save more money than those who live within city limits. Because of this, taxes that benefit education are higher — giving schools better funding. By moving to a suburb of Charlotte like Denver, your child could be eligible to attend a nicer school. 


When you live in the city, your encounters with nature are likely to be limited — aside from the occasional bird on your patio or the occasional walk through the park, that is. When you live in the suburbs, there is more of an opportunity to experience nature. 

In less populated areas, there is more room for people to have larger properties, there is more incentive for municipalities to create parks, and you are closer to natural areas farther outside city limits. 


Another common reason that people choose to move to the suburbs is that they desire a greater ease of accessibility. In cities, people often have to utilize public transportation to access more congested parts of the city.

People who choose to move to the suburbs often have a greater ease of accessibility because there is less traffic and entertainment and amenities are all a short drive away. While residents who live in the city take the train or bus to reach their destination quickly, people who live in suburban areas only have to make a quick drive. 


Believe it or not, families and young professionals are not the only ones who are moving away from the city — businesses are too! In fact, the appeal to a business or large company to move is not that different from the appeal it might have on a family. 

When a business moves farther from a city center, they can find a property that is more affordable — just as people moving to the suburbs find cheaper rents and mortgages. Additionally, when a business purchases a property in the suburbs, there is more room for their facilities to grow as their business finds success. Because of this, there is a new wave of jobs opening in suburban areas.  


The suburban sense of community might not always be a factor that influences people to move to the suburbs, but it sure is an added benefit. In less populated areas, there is generally a better sense of community. More people know each other, more people choose to speak with one another, and people tend to be kinder to each other. 

Smaller communities and municipalities also are more likely to put on or fund community events like concerts, farmer’s markets, and county fairs — giving those who live nearby additional opportunities for entertainment and community fun. 

Move to the Suburbs: Move to the Riverwalk Apartment Homes

Are you looking to move away from the hustle and bustle of Charlotte? Well, you don’t have to move far. If you are interested in moving to the suburbs, we urge you to check out our apartments in Denver, NC. Just 25 miles north of Charlotte, you can experience suburban life without being too far from the city that you love. 

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