So you’re ready to move into a new apartment but not sure how to maximize your space? From choosing furnishings that are functional to using your decor in innovative ways, Riverwalk Apartment Homes is here to help you maximize your space!

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Maximizing Space in Your Apartment

When you live in an apartment, it’s important to make the space functional yet filled with your favorite decor. While you can’t change the layout or overall look of your space, that doesn’t mean you can’t use certain elements to help transform your apartment into a home! 

Go Vertical

When you’re tight on space in your apartment, focus on reducing the amount of “wasted” space you have. Instead of buying shorter shelves or dressers, go vertical. Replace a shorter bookshelf with a tall one to double your space. Or add shelves over your desk to store extra books and office supplies. 

If you have a shorter piece of furniture you can’t let go of, use the space above that piece to create a collage of your favorite art pieces!

Functional Storage

When choosing furniture for your apartment, opt for pieces that are chic yet functional. If you want an ottoman or coffee table, find one that also doubles as storage for extra pillows and blankets. Add a bench with storage to your entryway or the end of your bed to keep your shoes, bags, or extra linens tucked away.  

Maximize Light

Natural light can help brighten and open up any space. Make sure you’re not blocking light with a tall shelf or dark curtains. Looking to open up your room even more? Opt for white or light furniture instead of darker woods or blacks. 

Add Mirrors

Mirrors can make any room feel bigger than it is, making them perfect for maximizing space in an apartment. To fill a room with light, place your mirror near a light source so the mirror can reflect that light, adding dimension and depth to that room. Mirrors are a great addition for dining rooms, above fireplaces, collaged with artwork, or even above your bed.

Display Your Decor

Be deliberate in how you display your books and other knick knacks. Arranging your bookshelf or dresser top with intention will make any space look styled while also making space for the things that are important to you. Something as simple as stacking your books by size or organizing trinkets by color can make a large impact in a small space.

Stay Organized

Does everything have a place to be? Organization is the key to reducing clutter and maximizing your apartment space. Make a spot for everything you’ll need, ranging from cleaners and dishes to extra linens and clothes. This makes it easy to keep your space clean and decluttered. 

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